My Mission

This is our tribe.

My mission is to bring natural wellness options into every home by educating individuals and families about the best essential oils and supplements that have been given to us by the earth. My knowledge as a nurse combined with my desire to see every person achieve maximum health, will provide inspired education and wellness plans to help everyone achieve their individualized goals.


“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.” -Brene Brown

How Big is Your Brave?

LEt us show you how big ours is.

Have you ever had a burning desire in your heart that seemed way too big for you to tackle on your own? You try and stuff these feelings, but they keep pulling at you. You want to make a difference in this world, but have no idea on where to start. You know that it will take a lot out of you, but the reward will be endless in fulfilling your wildest dreams. It might make you scared and it might fill you with intense electricity every time you think about it. What if you could help provide safe drinking water for those who didn’t have access? What if you could help young women have access to feminine hygiene kits so that they could attend school or work without missing out on the week of their menstrual cycles? What if you could help end the child trafficking epidemic? What if you could leave a legacy for those that come after you? This is what this community does and achieves daily. This is how big our brave is. And this is why we don’t stop. Join our tribe and make a difference.