My name is Missy Sanders and I'm The Natural RN


I connect with people all over the world and teach them how to integrate essential oils into their everyday routine to optimize health and wellness for them and their entire family. 

Let's back up to where this journey started for me. Almost five years ago, I was a new mom and working full time as an operating room nurse. I was so tired all the time, getting called into emergency surgery in the middle of the night with a baby that also called me in the middle of the night. My mother in law purchased some doTERRA essential oils and she asked me to use them to help her figure out how to use them. I was under the impression that essential oils didn't work because I had used some over the years without any measurable difference to speak of.

I was open to trying anything as we were all miserable from lack of sleep. I applied lavender to my daughters feet at bedtime and that was the very first time we got a full night of sleep, when she was 13 months old! That is where it all started. I finally saw a spark of hope. That is what doTERRA has done for me in countless health concerns. I never Grow Weary of each little victory we get each and every day. 

I now have three children and the use of essential oils have seen me through trying to conceive, two other pregnancy and deliveries, emotional distress after a traumatic event with my youngest baby, first aid concerns, rest and stress management, weight management, and on and on and on.