Mom's are Badasses and Can Fix Almost Anything: Guide for Optimal Wellness in Your Home

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Okay, a little dramatic I suppose— BUT I am passionate about empowering women, especially moms, to take control of the health and wellness choices of their family. My whole purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge and experience as a nurse and translate that into what I do for my family at home (with a natural approach). My full time job is to educate and empower mom’s to explore natural wellness and show that implementing lifestyle wellness and essential oils into everyday life can be easy. If you just stumbled upon my blog and don’t know me well, visit me here


Trust The Gut

You have had that mother’s intuition a time or two before, right? You just had a gut feeling about something and no one could figure the situation out until it came to light that your gut feeling was in fact correct? That has happened to me several times over the past six years and more times than not, my initial gut reaction was spot on when it came to questioning health and wellness practices that I was conditioned to believe through my training as a Registered Nurse. I didn’t really question anything until I became responsible for another human and then it seemed like a big deal. Now don’t get me wrong. The trauma care in our country is amazing, but that is how our current healthcare system is set up. It is meant to assist you when things go wrong, not help you prevent them. So when you have an emergency on your hands, please trust the medical community. That is what they are trained for! If you want to learn ways to utilize the power your body was created for, then you are in the right place. And the beautiful thing is that you don’t have to choose one or the other! There are many integrative health practices in a community near you that are knowledgeable on many different wellness approaches that will work for you. I encourage you to seek out a provider with knowledge on multiple modalities, not just one. That will be a beneficial addition to your health team. Natural wellness options are a perfect pairing with Western Allopathic medicine. Doing something good for your body and your health and well-being will never steer you wrong. Even if you do fall ill, your practice at taking care of yourself will provide you with the optimal tools in healing and recovery. Trust that gut mama! 



Let’s Start with the Foundation

It isn’t the first time you have heard it. You are what you eat. Your overall health and wellness is defined by your eating habits and your nutritional balance. The majority of your immune system cells and glands reside in and around your digestive system. It is of upmost importance to get solid in this area of our lives. Many disease processes can be linked to dietary habits. A recent study presented at the American Society of Nutrition annual meeting suggested that a 20% improvement in the population’s dietary choices (more balance, portion control, more fruits and veggies, less sugar, etc.) could have serious cost savings in healthcare. Meaning, by changing your diet to a more whole food nutritious diet, it could decrease your chances of diseases that are responsible for massive healthcare costs, like Heart Disease and Diabetes. This isn’t new information to me or anyone with a nutrition background, but I am pleased to see it becoming more mainstream. I am not here to tell you to start a certain diet- I don’t believe in dieting. It is not sustainable to “diet,” and even most diets will disguise themselves by saying its a “lifestyle” yet highly restrictive or eliminating an entire food group. Choose to make conscious choices about what is fueling your body, not just what is convenient. And I get convenient! Having three kids and busy schedules, its easy to grab something pre-packaged or drive thru… in the short term. What isn’t easy is the medical costs, the lost wages when you have to stay home from work because your kid is sick and can’t go to school, or the long term eating habits you are teaching your children that could lead to dietary diseases later on. This is by no means a judgement! I am standing here with you- also having to make conscious choices in this department- but the health and well-being of my family out weighs everything. Choose to make 3-5 changes in this department for starters. When you are reaching for a bag of crackers, think of something fresh you can replace it with. Try eating a rainbow of food every day to get the entire spectrum of antioxidants your body needs. It’s fun to have the kids build a rainbow platter out of brightly colored, sliced fruits and veggies. Remember, at least eight servings of fruits and vegetables per day, but more is better.

Shakes are also a great way to add in (or hide) other supplements, oils, probiotics, herbs, and vitamins. Our whole family enjoys the Slim & Sassy TrimShake in the morning. We enjoy our green smoothie in the afternoon or evening with a few drops of Lemon essential oil. Bridging the nutritional gap that has rendered our foods deplete of adequate vitamins and minerals requires a high quality supplement that is bioavailable. That means that your body recognizes the contents of the supplement as food and uses it to feed cellular processes. My favorite supplement for adults is the Life Long Vitality supplements from dōTERRA. For children, or adults that prefer to not swallow pills, is the A2Z chewable vitamins & IQ Mega Pack


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Let’s Get Moving!

Secondary to eating, something that will stimulate your body’s protective mechanisms to stress and sickness is exercise. It is well documented that the benefits of exercise can have significant benefits on cardiovascular health, metabolism, healthy bones and muscles, more focus, less stress, improved mood, better sleep, and longevity in life. Our kids are sitting a lot of the time and the need for them to be engaged in physical activities is incredibly high. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine indicates that physical activity before, during, and after school increased cognitive function and scholastic performance. What was also interesting was that adding more physical education in the school day, which meant taking away academic lesson time, did not hinder academic performance, but actually increased it. Encourage outdoor play as often as you can. The essential oils that I love to use to help support discomfort associated with exercise is dōTERRA’s Deep Blue™ Soothing blend.


Get Quality Sleep

Several studies have shown that lack of sleep leads to worsening memory. Children ages 6–13 need 9–11 hours of sleep per night. Teenagers ages 14–18 need slightly less, about 8–10 hours. Adults need anywhere from 7–9 hours of sleep. The fast paced schedules of our days can leave this problematic, especially for our children who have high academic demands. Our brains seem to want to continue working on the problem at hand despite needing to sleep. Petitgrain, Vetiver, and Lavender oil applied to bedding or pillows as well as applying to the bottom of the big toe— where, in Eastern Medicine, the pineal gland is connected— can help prepare for a restful night’s sleep. Diffusing essential oils at bedtime is also beneficial to help relax the mind, and promote restful sleep all night.


It Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

I know I just threw out a lot of information at you. Start by learning to read food labels and become familiar with the chemical additives, such as artificial colors and flavors, commonly added to foods. We can’t simply add healthy foods; we must also clean up our diets by removing some of the chemicals that don’t belong. I am here to steer you toward resources you can use to gain better education on essential oils and nutrition.

I wish you a happy, healthy, fun-filled journey as you seek your highest level of wellness. May your journey be filled with colorful, in-season fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, grass-fed meats, high quality supplements (such as Lifelong Vitality Pack and a2z Chewables™) and doTERRA essential oils. 


Guide to Protecting Your Immune System

As a gift to you I would love to send you a PDF of my guide on protecting the immune system of you and your family. Click here to download! 


Ask The Nurse!

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