Every Mom Needs Lavender Essential Oil. Here Are 8 Reasons Why

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Lavender essential oil was the very first essential oil that I had an aha moment with when utilizing essential oils as part of my family's health care routine. It is still one of the oils that I have to replace the most often because we use it so frequently. This essential oil is an integral asset to EVERY household in the world, but if you are a mama with littles- this is an absolute MUST. 

The very best essential oil is sourced from the True Lavender plant native to France and Bulgaria, also known as English Lavender. Lavandula angustifolia is the botanical name and it takes approximately 3 bushels of the flowering lavender tops to produce a 15mL bottle of essential oil via steam distillation. The essential oil, when analyzed, has over 100 different chemical constituents. The benefit of plants containing hundreds of different chemical constituents is that it has multitudes of beneficial uses for our bodies- can be used for a wide array of ailments. The main chemical constituents in Lavender essential oil are: Linalyl Acetate, which has the benefit of providing the hallmark calming characteristics of this essential oil, Linalool, which has the benefit of soothing tissues and emotions, and Ocimene, which has the benefit of having cleansing benefits. 

Here are 8 reasons why YOU need Lavender essential oil in your home

  1. Calm down, baby! One of the primary benefits of Lavender that you will hear over and over again is its ability to be calming and soothing. This is one of my favorite essential oils to use on my baby when she's being fussy or when she is teething. I also love that this essential oil is super mild and the chance of skin sensitivity is low. Still, I make sure and dilute my essential oils on my kids with a carrier oil and apply to the bottoms of their feet and diffuse in the diffuser.
  2. Homework Helper. Many people think of lavender just for sleep, but Lavender has wonderful benefits to help people soothe anxious feelings and help them focus on tasks, such as homework. Put a few drops along with a citrus oil or a mint essential oil to boost alertness. 
  3. First aid for everything. Got an unfortunate sun burn or a burn from cooking, an annoying and itchy bug bite, flakiness on the scalp, skinned knee, post surgical wound, baby is teething, bumps and bruises, etc.? Lavender is commonly referred as the "Swiss Army Knife" oil that can be used for literally everything. This is in part due to the over 100 chemical constituents in this amazing oil. 
  4. Ease Feelings of Menstrural Cramps or other muscle cramps. Naturally and safely ease those feelings of cramping during 'that time of the month' without taking over the counter pain relievers. Dilute and apply to lower abdomen and to inside ankles, around the medial malleoli (the bones that stick out on the inside of your ankles). Can also be effective in a bath to help soothe muscles after a rigorous workout.
  5. Calm the Nervous System. The nervous system is delicate and can be easily upset. Essential oils can support a healthy nervous system. Imbalance of the nervous system can contribute to head tension, discomfort, feelings of anxiousness or stress, and many other daily struggles. You can tell by now that Lavender calms and soothes. Dilute Lavender essential oil and apply topically to the base of the skull and down the spine. Another great way is to breathe it in by applying a drop to your palms, rubbing them together, then bringing your hands to your nose and take a cleaning breath to inhale the wonderful aroma. You can also put a few drops into a diffuser to fill the room with the wonderful properties. 
  6. Breathe Easy. Lavender might not be the first oil that comes to your mind for supporting the respiratory system, but a study was done that indicated that the inhalation of lavender essential oil suppresses allergic airway inflammation and asthma. 
  7. Flavor Enhancer. You can use Lavender oil when cooking to soften citrus flavors in lemon sauces for chicken or fish, marmalades, citrus salads, and more. Lavender oil will also add a flavorful twist to marinades, baked goods, and desserts.
  8. Help stimulate urine flow after having baby. This would also be applicable after gynecological or urological surgery. If you have experience with any of those events, then you might know exactly what I am talking about. Inflammation can make passing urine difficult during these traumatizing events. Add a drop or two of lavender essential oil into the toilet to help stimulate urine flow. Another great oil for this purpose is Peppermint essential oil. 

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