6 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Energy

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I know what you are thinking. 'Wait... what is Energy?' If you are a mom/parent of young kids, I feel you. I have three kids under the age of 6 and its hard. There are a lot of things that get in our way of having abundant energy and many of these things we can't control (like the baby waking up three times last night). Not everyday will be perfect, I can promise you that much. What I can assure you, is that having a mission of living each day as your best self and taking care of your body will help you be able to handle those curve balls a little better as they come at you. Here are a few of my tips that I have found to help me during the most exhausting season of my life. 

Want More Energy?

  • Get your body moving. This doesn't have to be a full on trip to the gym or a workout with a certain time limit on it. Maybe you just had a baby and doing a strenuous workout isn't in the cards for you. Or maybe it has been awhile since you have worked out. That is okay, this is meant to get your blood pumping. Every 2 hours or so, do something with a little more intensity for 2 minutes. If you have stairs, run up them or skip steps as you walk up them. If you are watching television, get up during the commercials and do jumping jacks for 2 minutes, or walk with high knees, do push ups, or hold a plank. Do an exercise that is appropriate for your situation. If you just had a baby, make sure your doctor or midwife has approved you for exercise and checked you for a diastasis recti
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    • Make sure you are well hydrated. Your body has to work extremely hard for all cellular process when you are dehydrated. This leaves very little for your body to give back to you in the form of energy because so many unmentionable cellular processes are happening without you knowing about it. Make sure that the first thing you do in the morning is drink a full glass of water. After that, make it a rule to drink half your body weight in ounces each day. Example: If you weigh 150lbs, you would drink 75oz of water a day.
    • Make sleep a priority. I realize that baby's waking up in the middle of the night is a little out of our control. If it isn't in the cards for you to get a solid 8 hours of sleep that you used to take for granted while you were in college (raising my hand), then what matters at this point is getting the best quality of sleep for the amount that you do have. Here are some tips:
      1. Prepare your environment. I like to set a diffuser going with my favorite nighttime oils (Vetiver & Breathe® Respiratory blend) about an hour prior to going to bed. 
      2. Nix the electronics. Make it a habit to not have electronics in your bed. No watching television in bed and leave your phone in another room if possible. 
      3. Allow for natural sunlight in the morning. Leave the curtains open and allow the natural light from the sunrise wake you up.
      4. Don't hit snooze. I am not your champion here in this department. I am the queen of snooze, but my husband practices this on days that he goes to work and it is something I have always striven toward. It's good to have an up-level goal! haha
    • Get a midday stretch in. Regardless if you have a desk job, are a stay at home mom, or are a professional athlete, we can all benefit from stretching in the general sense. Stretching is a vital part of a workout and is what most people associate with stretching. Stretching throughout the day, especially midday, can have many health benefits. Stretching increases blood circulation and can help with overall energy levels when people typically feel that "midday slump." Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, get up and stretch for an immediate boost to the rest of your day. Some essential oils I like to employ midday when I am feeling tired is Peppermint and Wild orange
    • Get grounded. Have you heard of grounding? Or Earthing? Basically it is taking your socks and shoes off and walking around in the dirt. Some research indicates that when you walk barefoot in nature, there is an electrical exchange between yourself and the Earth. Evidence suggests that this can have a profound effect on your health and mental well-being. A research review published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health stated, "The research done to date supports the concept that grounding or earthing the human body may be an essential element in the health equation along with sunshine, clean air and water, nutritious food, and physical activity." People have reported feeling more centered, solid, strong, balanced, less tense and less stressed while Earthing. Give it a shot! Take your socks and shoes off and go for a 30 minute walk and see how you feel! 
    • Practice Deep Breathing. Have you ever been in a stressful situation where your body feels out of control and you paused to take some big deep breaths (or you have instructed someone else to take deep breaths in a stressful situation)? The act of pausing and being intentional about taking a big breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to go into a more restful state and take you out of 'fight or flight' mode that is done by the sympathetic nervous system. Your adrenals take a break from producing hormones that stimulate an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. I like to employ essential oils during this time as well to work with the limbic center of the brain. My favorite oils to practice deep breathing are Lavender and Breathe® Respiratory Blend. By taking a moment to rest and decrease the stress response, your body is more capable to respond when energy is needed.

    Now Go Get Energized!

    Try and implement at least two of these to your routine each day this week and report back with how you are feeling! 

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    Missy Sanders